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The Team mostly consists of those who are living indigenously on the conservation area. The team is responsible for the conservation area which is constantly threatened by poachers, immigrants, and others wishing to invade the land. The team members on site and abroad are:

Don Gilber Gilber Chufandama Tapullima (Don Gilber)

A.k.a. "Don" Gilber, was born in Chazuta in the department of San Martin. Gilber settled in Iquitos after finishing military service. During the early 1970s Gilber trained as a public health worker and continues to serve his community in this way. As the son of a famous plant shaman Gilber learnt about medicinal plants from an early age, this knowledge allied with his role as a local leader has been instrumental in the establishment of the Yakumamay project.

francoise freedman Françoise Barbira Freedman

It was while studying for her PhD at the University of Cambridge that Françoise first became interested in Amazonian culture and conservation. She has pursued this interest through her research and teaching career at Cambridge and has always maintained close links with her research partners in Peru. As a co-founder of Yakumamay, Françoise has extended her commitment to support the conservation of traditional knowledge within its original context.

Percy Chufandama Tuhanama Percy Chufandama Tuhanama

Percy has worked closely with his father Gilber throughout the creation and development of Yakumamay. As a skilled hunter Percy has an excellent understanding of the reserve's fauna. Together with his wife Meche and cousin Colber he is committed to the conservation of the reserve's resources.

danny Danny

Danny migrated to Iquitos from the Upper Huallaga in the early 1990s and soon became Gilber's assistant. He has worked in this capacity for a number of years demonstrating many qualities and recently became Gilber's son in law.

annamelba Annamelba Chufandama Tuhanama

Anna recently became responsible for looking after visitors to he reserve where she lives with her husband Danny. Her pleasant personality and excellent cooking are much appreciated by all.




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