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Help can come in various way. Yakumamay is an innovative Amazonian conservation project based near the city of Iquitos in the Loreto region of Peru. Founded in 1996 Yakumamay has pioneered community led conservation of forest resources and the development of Live Pharmacies. Since its foundation the project has grown to include nearly 12,000 hectares of primary rainforest and a comprehensive medicinal plant garden. The project is managed by the residents of two communities in collaboration with anthropologists from the University of Cambridge, England. In addition to managing the reserve the communities now welcome visitors in small numbers.

Help Via Giving
Yakumamay urgently needs funds to patrol the reserve to prevent illegal incursions by hunters and loggers. These incursions are a constant concern and threaten to seriously undermine the reserve. So far the funds required to establish and maintain the reserve, including the construction of houses and bridges, have come from small grants and private donations. The reserve is open for sponsorship of forest plots by supporters who can choose to either disclose their names or remain anonymous more>>
Help Via a visit
You may want to consider visiting Yakumamay reserve. Students on their gap year or those already studying biology or botany would benefit greatly. Yakumamay guides could teach one how to recognize trees/plants the way the locals do. But anybody who wants to experience community with Amazonian forest people would be especially suited for this. Help is needed to build trails and canopies for trails. Also needed is help in the medicinal garden or in making remedies. more>>

Bannana Flower.

Base Camp House #1

Forest Plants

Woman Weaving

Medicinal plants.