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The Needs of the Yacumamay reserve are urgent in order to support the demarcation of the Reserve's new extended boundaries by an official surveyor. It is also important to patrol the reserve to prevent illegal incursions by hunters and loggers. These incursions are a constant concern and threaten to seriously undermine the reserve. So far the funds required to establish and maintain the reserve, including the construction of houses and bridges, have come from small grants and private donations. The reserve is open for sponsorship of forest plots by foreign stewards who can choose to either disclose their names or remain anonymous. The aim is to have the whole extension of the reserve sponsored by 2007 in order to be in a position to effectively protect the reproduction of game animals and develop sustainable wild crafting projects managed by the local communities. Sponsors who wish to disclose their names will receive a certificate and will be listed on the Yacumamay website.

Sponsorship is priced as follows:

- 05 ha : $25
- 10 ha : $50
- 25 ha : $125
- 50 ha : $250 (could support a family)

Sponsors can use Paypal to send their contribution to the Yacumamay. We will be posting details of how to do this shortly but in the meantime please feel free to contact us..

Bannana Flower.

Base Camp House #1

Forest Plants

Woman Weaving

Medicinal plants.