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Our Garden

Covering over 2 hectares the Yacumamay Live Pharmacy was established in 1997 and has grown to feature over 300 species of medicinal plants including trees, shrubs, vines, herbaceous plants and epiphytes. The Live Pharmacy was founded by Gilber Chufandana Tapullima and his sons, working together they have overseen the growth of the garden and continue to make new additions all the time. The planning of the garden made extensive use of Gilber's plant knowledge. The Pharmacopia of shamans from the department of San Martin is perhaps the most extensive in the whole of Amazonia due to the long history of exchanges between people of the Northern Andes and the Amazon Basin.

Most of the plants are of local origin but a few have been imported from the department of San Martin and other parts of Peruvian Amazonia where Gilber's ancestors have established historical connections. Unlike conventional botanical gardens the plants are arranged according to local understanding of their importance and use. This system takes into account the connections that Amazonian shamans make between plants, animals and spirits.

The Live Pharmacy has become a resource for local people who wish to learn about and propagate medicinal plants. As the garden develops there are plans to build a visitor center and a small laboratory where plant extracts and simple preparations can be made.

Bannana Flower.

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Forest Plants

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Medicinal plants.