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Yakumamay is an innovative Amazonian conservation project based near the city of Iquitos in the Loreto region of Peru. Founded in 1996 Yakumamay has pioneered community led conservation of forest resources and the development of Live Pharmacies. Since its foundation the project has grown to include nearly 12,000 hectares of primary rainforest and a comprehensive medicinal plant garden. The project is managed by the residents of two communities in collaboration with anthropologists from the University of Cambridge, England. In addition to managing the reserve the communities now welcome visitors in small numbers.

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Currently there is a need to build another house in a outpost in an area on the reserve which is being abused by outsiders intent on deforestation, poaching, and other threats. The cost is .... The reserve was a project of Dr. Françoise Freedman, a sociologist from Cambridge University. Others have come behind the project to offer their support, expertise, skills, knowledge, time and effort. They include .... There is a team on location native to the area who live in the reserve and look after the running of the land. They are responsible for keeping the reserve as much like its original environment as possible ...
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